Baby Washcloths

Washcloths for Baby

Of the thousands of products promoted to new Moms, bamboo baby washcloths are in the true “must have” category. Here’s why:

Baby’s skin is up to thirty times thinner than adult skin. This means it’s sensitive and can be easily irritated. Naturally, you want only the softest fabric on the planet next to your baby’s skin. Bamboo is that fabric because of the fibers that are found in bamboo which when treated with natural compounds during the manufacturing process produce the softest fibers you can find anywhere in the world.

Baby is also more vulnerable to microbial invasion. That’s because barrier protection – the barrier function played by the skin that is vital for the survival of all human beings – doesn’t fully develop until after baby’s first year. This means baby is more susceptible to microbial invasion – bacteria and infection. Uniquely, bamboo fiber or bamboo viscose (an industry term) resists bacteria. That’s because of a bio-agent called bamboo “kun” that is naturally found in bamboo fiber.

Our bamboo baby washcloths are 10” x 10”, the standard size for the industry, and are gender neutral (beautiful) pastel colors.

They are available on Amazon here.