Product Detail-Crane in Bamboo

The “Bamboo in Crane” washcloths are identical to the “Adult Luxury Washcloths,” but have been conceived specifically for people with cancer.  For the rationale, please see our “Cancer Skin Care” section.

We are proud of the “Crane in Bamboo” symbol which attempts to convey our own feelings about cancer and people with cancer.

We think it’s beautiful and without slipping into maudlin sentimentality which in our experience most cancer patients eschew,  cancer patients are beautiful in ways that are unexpected and often moving.

Bamboo, one of the two dominant elements in the seal, has an obvious relationship to our product. However, bamboo also has important and enduring role in Asian cultures where it is regarded as a symbol of longevity and strength in adversity. The Chinese observed that bamboo may bend during harsh winter months, but it never breaks. Similarly, the crane, the second dominant element in our seal, is an important symbol of longevity. It lives for 40 to 60 years and in Japan is fabled to live a thousand years. Its white color symbolizes virtue and the red on top of its head symbolizes vitality.

“Crane in Bamboo” washcloths have all the special attributes of bamboo fiber discussed here and elsewhere on the website and are very easy care.

“Crane in Bamboo” washcloths are available on Amazon here. Or click one of the images.



Bamboo is the softest fiber in the world which is the reason it’s often compared to cashmere. It has other unique properties which can be important to cancer patients. It’s anti-bacterial and odor resistant, important considerations whose natural defenses are weakened by treatment and who may be sensitive to odors.