Luxury Washcloths

We believe we are the first vendor to develop and offer adult-sized luxury bamboo washcloths and they are at the core of our business.

The following provides detail about our washcloths. If you have any questions, or if we’ve omitted any information, please contact us. We’ll respond immediately.

Bamboo: “Look of Silk. Feel of Cashmere.”

Unicorn Station offers the world’s softest luxury washcloth. Our washcloths are so soft they are frequently compared with cashmere, making them ideal for adult sensitive skin. Bamboo washcloths also have a slight sheen prompting many to compare bamboo with silk.

Light and organic, our washcloths are 3 to 4 times more absorbent than all cotton fabric and, with a large (196 sq. in.) washing/scrubbing/rinsing dermal contact surface area, have almost twice as much absorbent area than other bamboo washcloths.

When bamboo washcloths first became available, manufacture was generally geared toward smaller, baby-sized washcloths in pastel colors. We worked with various manufacturers to create adult sized (13½ x 13½) washcloths that would stand up to the toughest usage while retaining bamboo’s special attributes and in adult colors. Our colors, currently white (really a soft, lovely ivory), taupe and gray, coordinate with the majority of popular bath towels. In addition, we’ve made them available in a multi-pack.

Washcloth Manufacture

Unicorn Station washcloths are specially formulated to include a small ratio of cotton to bamboo. This formulation addresses the durability and fraying issues that occur with 100% bamboo while retaining bamboo’s special characteristics. This means that our washcloths have the durability and longevity associated with cotton, while offering the attributes that make bamboo so attractive. And, it ensures that Unicorn Station Luxury Washcloths are easy care and long-lived. Tests show that even after 50 washes, bamboo continues to be naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static, naturally healthier, germ and odor free.

These attributes plus bamboo’s unparalleled softness make our luxury washcloths especially appropriate for sensitive skin.

Beyond delivering luxury spa personal care performance, bamboo textiles are the most environmentally conscientious, sustainable choice available. Bamboo grows without pesticides, generates oxygen during growth and is renewable.

How to Buy

Currently, our washcloths are available on – just click the underlined link to view them.

Spa owners and other commercial vendors, please contact us directly through the website for prices and shipment from our warehouse.