Unicorn Station is a family owned business focused on applying the advantages and benefits of bamboo fabrics to essential products that can improve the quality of life of our customers. In the past three years, we’ve developed four product lines and brands:

Unicorn Station Adult Luxury Washcloths
Thorskegg beard care products
Crane in Bamboo cancer patient skin care products; and
Mother’s Choice Baby Bamboo Washcloths.

This focus on bamboo was not an accident. We’ve been aware of the benefits of bamboo for many years, but found the early efforts to transform bamboo pulp into usable fiber unsuccessful in terms of manufacturing and economics. However, in recent years, based on expanding experience and testing, bamboo fabric has demonstrated an ability to retain its special characteristics while providing consumers with a durable, long-lived product.

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Luxury Washcloths

We believe we are the first vendor to develop and offer adult-sized luxury bamboo washcloths and they are at the core of our business.

The following provides detail about our washcloths. If you have any questions, or if we’ve omitted any information, please contact us. We’ll respond immediately.

Bamboo: “Look of Silk. Feel of Cashmere.”

Unicorn Station offers the world’s softest luxury washcloth. Our washcloths are so soft they are frequently compared with cashmere, making them ideal for adult sensitive skin. Bamboo washcloths also have a slight sheen prompting many to compare bamboo with silk.

Light and organic, our washcloths are 3 to 4 times more absorbent than all cotton fabric and, with a large (196 sq. in.) washing/scrubbing/rinsing dermal contact surface area, have almost twice as much absorbent area than other bamboo washcloths.

When bamboo washcloths first became available, manufacture was generally geared toward smaller, baby-sized washcloths in pastel colors. We worked with various manufacturers to create adult sized (13½ x 13½) washcloths that would stand up to the toughest usage while retaining bamboo’s special attributes and in adult colors. Our colors, currently white (really a soft, lovely ivory), taupe and gray, coordinate with the majority of popular bath towels. In addition, we’ve made them available in a multi-pack.

Washcloth Manufacture

Unicorn Station washcloths are specially formulated to include a small ratio of cotton to bamboo. This formulation addresses the durability and fraying issues that occur with 100% bamboo while retaining bamboo’s special characteristics. This means that our washcloths have the durability and longevity associated with cotton, while offering the attributes that make bamboo so attractive. And, it ensures that Unicorn Station Luxury Washcloths are easy care and long-lived. Tests show that even after 50 washes, bamboo continues to be naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static, naturally healthier, germ and odor free.

These attributes plus bamboo’s unparalleled softness make our luxury washcloths especially appropriate for sensitive skin.

Beyond delivering luxury spa personal care performance, bamboo textiles are the most environmentally conscientious, sustainable choice available. Bamboo grows without pesticides, generates oxygen during growth and is renewable.

How to Buy

Currently, our washcloths are available on Amazon.com – just click the underlined link to view them.

Spa owners and other commercial vendors, please contact us directly through the website for prices and shipment from our warehouse.



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ThorSkegg (Thor’s Beard) produces essential grooming products for beard grooming and maintenance. These core products are bundled into one beard grooming kit that includes:

Three man-sized 13 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ bamboo fiber washcloths for routine dampening and beard cleaning. (We use them routinely in the morning at the sink, but they can also be used in the shower or bath, however, we trust we don’t need to mention that – they are, after all, washcloths.)

Because of their size and unique absorbent properties, these washcloths can also be used for barber shop style at home hot towel treatments, a luxurious and relaxing experience that promotes skin and beard health. Details on preparing an at-home hot towel treatment are provided in a package insert. Trust us, though, it’s not rocket science.

The kit also includes a 100 percent natural boar bristle military-style brush and bamboo comb. The  brush distributes beard oils, along with sebum produced naturally by the skin, evenly along the length of individual beard hairs. In the process, brushing will detangle, smooth, and polish the beard.

Finish grooming with the ThorSkegg 100% bamboo comb, selected for its sturdiness, easy-to-use size, and anti-static properties. Bamboo is also softer than plastic and its use has been compared to a “finger massage.”

Store all essential beard care products in ThorSkegg’s durable draw-string cotton bag.

ThorSkegg products are attractively gift boxed.

ThorSkegg’s Grooming Kit is available with either white and gray washcloths.


















Cancer Skin Care

When my partner and I first developed the concept of luxury bamboo washcloths, we had no thought of marketing them as beneficial for cancer patients.

It never entered our minds. And, if by some remote chance, it had, I would have dismissed it out of hand.  Because I believe that these kinds of markets – where people are scared and vulnerable – are often exploited and I want nothing to do with that.

Then I got cancer. And I changed my tune – at least insofar as the bamboo washcloths are concerned.

Here’s why.

My course of treatment was radiation five days a week for six weeks and chemo once a week for six weeks. That’s a lighter course than some and a heavier course than others.

Around the end of the second week of radiation, my skin started to change. Overall, it was far more sensitive and it became sensitive in what I thought were odd areas, my ankles, for example, the tops of my thighs. My skin also assumed a dry and slightly puckered quality, which even now, several months after my treatment has been completed, hasn’t disappeared.

Everyone reacts to radiation differently. During the course of my treatment I became friends with a couple of women who developed hideous blisters from radiation, actually extreme burns. Most of us developed some level of radiation burn.

However,  in general, while our skin issues resulted in some real  discomfort, for some of us they were certainly secondary to more debilitating symptoms such as extreme fatigue and nausea.

Still, cancer is not a license to stop taking showers. We have to stay clean. I was afraid I was picking up that fusty smell you associate with hospitals and was constantly sniffing my skin for traces of it.

I’ve used bamboo washcloths in the shower since we developed them a few years ago and wouldn’t use any other washcloth. But a couple of weeks into the chemo and radiation schedule, I noticed that I was using them differently. In the shower, I found myself soaking the washcloth in warm water, bunching it in my hand or making a sort of pad out of it and patting my skin with it. Alternatively, after I wet it, I’d squeeze it and let the water just drip down over my skin.

It felt great. Bamboo fiber is very soft and especially valuable for sensitive skin. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and odor resistant. The third consideration was especially important for me when, during treatment, the smell of coffee, to name just one familiar everyday odor, could send me racing for the bathroom. Finally, bamboo is far more absorbent than other fabrics.

Did using bamboo washcloths give me additional energy? No. Take away the nausea? No. Eliminate  severe cramps or radiation burns? No and no. It didn’t eliminate or even mitigate one treatment symptom.

But it made me feel better in the shower. For a few minutes, while pressing the soft, warm bamboo washcloth to my skin, I felt better.

That’s when I decided to make it available for other cancer patients.

The washcloths presented as “Crane in Bamboo” washcloths are identical to our Adult Luxury Washcloths. However, the packaging, which I designed, is completely different and represents our belief that these washcloths have a role to play in this market.

I hope you will agree.


Baby Washcloths

Washcloths for Baby

Of the thousands of products promoted to new Moms, bamboo baby washcloths are in the true “must have” category. Here’s why:

Baby’s skin is up to thirty times thinner than adult skin. This means it’s sensitive and can be easily irritated. Naturally, you want only the softest fabric on the planet next to your baby’s skin. Bamboo is that fabric because of the fibers that are found in bamboo which when treated with natural compounds during the manufacturing process produce the softest fibers you can find anywhere in the world.

Baby is also more vulnerable to microbial invasion. That’s because barrier protection – the barrier function played by the skin that is vital for the survival of all human beings – doesn’t fully develop until after baby’s first year. This means baby is more susceptible to microbial invasion – bacteria and infection. Uniquely, bamboo fiber or bamboo viscose (an industry term) resists bacteria. That’s because of a bio-agent called bamboo “kun” that is naturally found in bamboo fiber.

Our bamboo baby washcloths are 10” x 10”, the standard size for the industry, and are gender neutral (beautiful) pastel colors.

They are available on Amazon here.