Bamboo in the News

BambooWe at Unicorn Station monitor the web for interesting news and developments related to our products and products we may develop in the future. Just this morning, we noted two companies promoting clothing products made from bamboo fabric. This in itself may not be notable because large numbers of businesses are taking note of bamboo’s special properties. What struck us, though, is the enormous difference in geography, size and audiences for these products, a really splendid illustration of how bamboo fabrics can be used in diverse ways.


Les Lunes LogoThe first is Les Lunes, a San Francisco and Paris-based luxury fashion house. Les Lunes describes itself as “known for their unique attitude of bringing comfortable sophistication to the business world,” and says it’s the first fashion house to create all its products from bamboo. The press release announcing the new lines touts the benefits of bamboo this way: “There is a new fabric hitting the well-dressed streets of Paris and San Francisco…Why bamboo? First and foremost, you have to experience it to truly appreciate the comfort bamboo jersey and woven bamboo have to offer. Slip into the buttery feel of any of the Les Lunes’ garments, and you will be an instant convert.”

Dubai. Pop-up MarketThe second company couldn’t be more different. A couple of Dubai-based entrepreneurs first presented their black and white bamboo T-shirts at the Dubai pop-up market and have since placed the line in a few specialty stores. The T-shirt fabric is softer than cotton; it wicks sweat away from the body and gently follows the wearer’s form without clinging. Although these young entrepreneurs – who haven’t yet quit their day jobs – are targeting a younger, more casual market, they are focusing on bamboo’s sustainability and environmental benefits. “Sustainable products are not just a fad,” says one of them in an interview. “There is a growing consciousness of all that, and I don’t think it will die.”

The story notes that “responsible consumption” represents a growing market trend and says that ethical products grew about nine percent annually in the U.S. over the previous three years.

Our interest, of course, is in the baby market where we believe bamboo can provide important benefits for infants and toddlers. But what’s clear from these two stories is the increasing interest in bamboo fabrics across many markets from luxury to the street corner and from Paris salons to public markets in the Middle East.