E-Toy Study Shows Language & Math Growth Opportunities

Brookings LogoWe all know from our own experience and from decades of research that infants and toddlers benefit from the amount of language they hear and from the conversations they have with parents.

That’s not new. What is new is the finding from a new Brookings “E-Toy” study  that parental involvement when playing with traditional toys actually enriches the child’s understanding of spatial concepts and math.
Specifically, the study found that:

  • The amount of language a parent uses when an infant or child is playing with a digital or electronic toy or a traditional toy is about the same.
  • However, when parents and children play with blocks and shape sorters parental attention is more acute or intense thus providing children with an opportunity for learning a rich vocabulary. In other words, parents pay closer attention and use more descriptive language when playing with traditional toys.
  • Those terms include words such as circles, squares, trapezoids, etc.
  • Most important, building this vocabulary of spatial and geometric terms contributes not only to language growth but to an earlier understanding of mathematics.

Here is a link to the study.