Gift Ideas for Baby

Gift Ideas for BabyWe recently saw an interesting blog where the writer, a second time Mom, discussed the kinds of products she listed on her baby wish list – a registry at Walmart. We thought the list was practical, focusing on the immediate and real needs of first time Mothers.

Then we went to Amazon and looked at the “most wished for” items listed on Amazon’s baby registry. The types of items differed considerably. The first list seemed more practical; the second list focused more on what we’d call discretionary and/or trendy items.

Neither list is “right” or “wrong.” A pregnant Mom may need the more essential items; another might already have them.However, for those of you looking for a gift for an expecting Mom, here are some suggestions combined from both lists. They may give you ideas.

  1. Car Seat – Essential for transporting baby from the hospital/birthing center or from your home. These can be expensive and a real help to young parents who are facing a number of new expenses
  2. Diapers – An obvious choice. Our blogger suggested disposable diapers, but we think bamboo diapers and inserts may appeal to budget conscious Moms. –We don’t carry bamboo diapers yet, but, yes, we’re biased in that direction.
  3. Wipes – Again, the emphasis is on disposable wipes, and, again, we’d suggest considering bamboo wipes, both as an economical alternative, but for its soft and absorbent properties.
  4. Bottles – The Amazon wish registry listed two types of bottles as “most wished.” Interesting to us, both items are silicone, not glass, an indication that consumers are becoming acquainted with the amazing properties of silicone.
  5. Baby Bath – Both lists mentioned baby bath items. Our practical blogger mentioned a tub. The Amazon list included soap and shampoo gift sets. You won’t be surprised if we suggest considering our Bamboo Baby Washcloths as an essential complementary item – it’s the softest fabric in the world and especially good for sensitive baby skin.
  6. Baby Apparel and Bedding – Swaddle blankets, new born jumpers and socks. Our blogger suggests waterproof crib bedding.
  7. Nursing products – In addition to bottles, our blogger mentions nursing covers, a nursing pillow and a breast pump.
  8. Teethers and Pacifiers – A variety of teethers and pacifiers. Obviously, we’d suggest considering our turquoise silicone teething necklace, a wonderfully effective teether and so convenient for Mom.
  9. Baby Carrier – A convenient way of moving baby.
  10. Looking Ahead – the Amazon list suggests a variety of toys more appropriate for toddlers such as an activity center, activity cube and a pretend cell phone. These may be great ideas for a Mom who already has children or one who has all the basics.