Reconsider Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber Teething NecklacesIf you’re interested in amber teething necklaces, you may have seen an recent article in a babycenter blog  discussing the author’s experience with amber teething necklaces.

We at Unicorn Station have studied the safety and efficacy of amber teething necklaces and concluded that at best they’re a placebo and at worst they’re dangerous. You can read or watch the results of our work here or here.

To her credit, the Mom who wrote that blog admits that when she used the amber necklace for her first child, she couldn’t draw any firm conclusions about how well it did in providing teething relief. It probably did soothe the infant…anything that distracts baby, that baby can play with or chew will probably soothe. However, based on our comprehensive research, the amber probably had little to do with providing relief — the same relief could be obtained by another teething necklace.

The blogger Mom also describes using the necklace for her second child and drawing similar conclusions. That is, she can’t be sure it worked, but thinks it did. We’d again suggest that anything soft the child can chew on and/or play with probably provided some relief.

Then, somewhat shockingly, she admits that despite the warning by the American Academy of Pediatricians that amber necklaces are a choking and strangulation hazard, she thinks of them as “my magic feather.”

Pardon us, but this assertion by an obviously well-meaning person, is shocking. And frankly, her behavior is manifestly reckless. She knows the hazards, but continues the usage.

The American Academy of Pediatricians is unequivocal on the subject.

“When parents see their baby suffering, they just want a solution. Amber teething necklaces have become an increasing popular alternative treatment to ease teething pain. But, are they effective and safe? The answer is no.”

The blogger also asserts that the AAP says moms use amber necklaces as bracelets or anklets. It seems to us that the same objections to the amber necklaces apply to bracelets and anklets. In fact, we’d consider that they are even more dangerous as baby can reach and pull at them far more easily.

We considered offering an amber teething necklace as part of our intention to offer fabulous products for families. However, one of our partners, a gemologist, did extensive research on the necklaces and recommended against it. Her conclusions are here. And, finally, we’ve made no secret of the fact that we do offer a safe and efficacious teether.

Please think carefully before you purchase an amber teething necklace. You may be getting both more and less than what you paid for.