Stuff and Nonsense

Poor Little ThingAn Australian “parenting expert” has recently offered an opinion we really cannot resist passing along.

Dr. Justin Coulson, the author of a parenting book called “21 Days to a Happier Family,” asserts there is no such thing as “teething.”

To which we say, “If the ankle-biter is whinging, there’s gotta be a reason. Right?”

Wrong, says this august personage. While admitting that some of his children have “really suffered through the teething process…I think, really, it’s just part of growing up.”

Say what?

He’s had kids who “suffered through the teething process” but we don’t.

He adds that parents who are responsive to children in discomfort, tend to have children who are less irritable.

Well, duh.

Coulson goes on to declare that “We need to get past the mindset that teething is some sort of nightmare…”

Then he adds somewhat condescendingly that “the idea of giving your child teething rings or crackers or ice cubes doesn’t bother me.”

Good onya, mate!

This nonsense was reported in the Australian edition of the Huffington Post along with an opinion from a Dr. Clay Jones on another matter which we strongly and will address in a second blog very shortly.

In the meantime, don’t be roiled by this stuff. If your baby is teething, and our twins did for months, use any remedy that seems to work…ice, cold towels, crackers, etc. Consider buying one of our teething necklaces for away-from-home relief. (We had to write that.)

New and young parents have too much on their plates to concern themselves with opinions that are manifestly absurd.