Teething Can Begin Early

Teething in BabiesAn informal survey in Glow, a woman’s forum, tracks what medical experts say about teething. That is, babies often start teething earlier than you might think.
The forum asked “Anyone’s baby start teething at 7 months?” More than 46 percent of respondents said that their baby started teething earlier while only 26 percent of respondents said their babies started teething at the seven month mark.

This finding is on track with what experts say about when teething begins. WEBMD, for example, says teething usually begins around six months, but it can start at any time between three and 12 months of age. WEBMD says that baby will have all of his or her primary teeth at three years of age.

What we commonly refer to as teething actually begins BEFORE a tooth comes through the gums, usually about three to five days before a tooth appears. Symptoms include soreness and swelling in gums and babies may bite on their fingers, toys and other objects to relieve the pressure. Babies may drool, causing a rash on the chin, face and chest and they may refuse to eat or drink because their mouths hurt.

There are a number of products that can help relieve the pressure in baby’s mouth, including our soft and chewy teething necklace. But, it’s worth noting here that the Food and Drug Administration FDA warns against using teething gel on baby’s gums to reduce pain. The FDA says the gel can make a baby’s throat numb which can cause difficulty in swallowing. The agency also cautions that the medicine in the gel may also harm the baby.